Road traffic accidents

Sadly, after a road traffic accident you may suffer from damages and/ or personal injury which could transform your life completely. At Sanchez & Asociados we could help you not only to claim personal injury compensation but also to access the right rehabilitation, medical care and support you and your family may need. We would also to help you access financial support as quickly as possible, especially if your injuries have left you unable to work.

However, before deciding to claim for personal injury in Spain you must know that the system is somewhat different to what you may be accustomed to in the UK. 

In Spain, the first thing that you are required to do is file the relevant complaint (or as they call it here a “denuncia”) or the lawsuit in Court.  If the best route for your claim has been assessed to be the Criminal route, you will have six months within which to  file your papers in court. If on the other hand, your claim is to be pursued via the civil route, you will have one year to file your papers.  In this respect, it is important that you bear in mind that should you miss this time period, you will no longer have the right to claim for personal injury.

Our expert lawyers will determine which route would be more convenient for you depending on the specific circumstances of your accident. 

In these types of claims it is important to assess the value of the injuries you have suffered and for this purpose, it is highly recommendable that you obtain a medical report prepared by a medico-legal expert, who will establish the days you have been unable to work, the value of your injuries and permanent symptoms you have been left with, all this according to a special set of tables. Once we have ascertained the quantum of your case, we will proceed with the claim for compensation; this may even include loss of earnings, if this were to be the case.

It is important that you also bear in mind that in Spain it is up to the Claimant to prove how, when and where the accident occurred. This is normally done by means of an independent witness, police reports or as much documentation you can keep after the accident. 

In terms of legal fees, remember to check your insurance policy, as they normally include legal expenses cover and with this you have the right to choose the lawyer you wish to represent you. That is, you don’t necessarily need to go with the lawyer your insurer designates.  It is highly advisable to seek your own independent lawyer as they will aim to achieve a better compensation for you. 

Should you decide to instruct us, we will endeavour to obtain the highest possible amount of compensation for you and for this, we count with the collaboration of experts in road safety and reconstruction of accidents, as well as highly recognised medico-legal experts in assessment of personal injury and moral damage.

We shall be by your side from the beginning to the end of your claim, providing you with the appropriate advice and support you need in times like these, with the added benefit of being able to speak your language. 

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