Spain and specially in Andalucía, and not to mention, the Costa del Sol, are areas of high touristic value, with a registered population of more than one million people, more than 6 million visitors per year and with a great number of foreign residents. The Costa del Sol remains a world-class destination any time of the year, hence why it continues to attract millions of holidaymakers from January through to December every year.

It goes without saying that one of the reasons why the area is so popular is its enviable climate - 325 days of sunshine a year!
Most of the foreigners that call the Costa del Sol ‘home’ come from northern countries such as United Kingdom, Russia, Germany or Scandinavian countries. However, we can’t go without mentioning the great number of Spanish citizens from the big cities who buy their second residence on the coast.

The coast has many amazing things to offer from Sand and surf, Golf, fiesta fever, nautical adventures to a more cultural scenario such as Picasso, traditional Andalusian villages and of course, the 110-mile stretch of the Mediterranean coastline. All this makes the Costa del Sol one of the best areas of Spain to invest, whether you decide to invest in properties, land, business, concessions or even new industries.

According to many reports, both Spanish and international, the Costa del Sol shall become the European Florida and a favourite amongst European citizens wishing to retire or simply enjoy what the coast has to offer in those precious years.

At Sanchez & Toro Abogados we are aware of all the intrinsicacies of investing in Spain and specially on the Coast and we are able to advise you when thinking about investing in Andalusia. Before placing any money anywhere, we would prepare a comprehensive report with a viability study and the tax implications that the investment could have.

Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in Spain, by purchasing a property or business, a business transfer, financial lease, set up a company or any other investment, we shall be here to advise and guide you through the entire procedure, analysing the situation of the assent and ensuring there will be no surprises at the end.

We shall assist in drafting, preparation and signature of all the contracts and deeds, deal with the payment of any taxes and ensure these are registered appropriately with the relevant registry. We also count with the collaboration of economists and employment advisors, should this service be required. 

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