“Spanish Administrative Law is the part of the law that regulates the organization of Public Authorities and the relations they have with us, being the citizens. It is similar to what Common Law is within Public Law or what Civil Law is in relation to Private Law: it is the basic element and from with the other stems. Administrative Law is likewise, the back bone of other legal disciplines, such as Tax Law and Employment Law (the latter in what concerns the regulation of the administrative involvement in commercial relations).”

Essentially, Administrative Law deals with any matter related to the Spanish Public Authorities. 

In Sanchez & Asociados we are able to simplify the above and provide you with sound advice on a great variety of matters, some of which we have detailed below:

  • Claims for compensation for damages caused by the Public Authorities: liability on the Public Authorities.
  • Appeals and lawsuits against Public Authorities. Administrative fines.
  • Concessions, agreements and contracts with the Public Authorities. Grants.
  • Advice in relation to Public Assets: public domain, water, etc.
  • Relations between the Public Authorities and the general public: urban matters, expropriations, etc..

These are only a number of services that we are able to offer you at Sanchez & Asociados Abogados, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Please remember, that should you have received a fine or would like to file a complaint against the authorities, including issues relating to urban or traffic offences, we may be able to help. 

Even if you have suffered an accident in the Street due to the lack of maintenance from the Town Hall and suffered damages as a consequence of this, you may be entitled to compensation and we are here to assist. 

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